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  • Game Name: Pad of Time

  • Developer: Markanime Studios

  • Release Date: April 13, 2022

  • Platforms: Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Switch and PC.

  • Price: $14.99

  • ESRB: Everyone 10+

Game description

Pad of Time is a classic action-adventure game with a Nintendo 64 vibe!
In this game you can switch between the past, present, and future with a time machine.
Enjoy 4 playable characters, use the time machine to find ancient relics and face low poly bosses.


  • Classic platformer game 2.5D graphics with Nintendo 64 retro aesthetic (Paper Mario)

  • Time traveling, experience the past, present and future of every level

  • 4 Playable Characters with unique abilities

  • Hidden Treasures for unlocking secret endings and bonuses

  • Play the entire game with a Gameboy look [Exclusive feature on Wii U]

  • Based on an online animated web series

  • Game developed by a solo indie game dev as a side project

  • Pad of Time is one of the latest Wii U games

Playable Characters

Pad of time has 4 playable characters.Three brothers that are planning to travel back in time to find hidden treasures for their museum.And an unlockable secret character

Mark from Pad of Time

Mark. Created the Pad of Time, he's the geek brother. It's recommended to choose it if you're a beginner in platformers, because his abilities are balanced

July. The smart and talented sister. She's always skating and moving fast. This is a character for experienced gamers.

Mark from Pad of Time
Mark from Pad of Time

Art. He is the oldest brother. He owns a museum and is always looking for rare pieces. Despite being slow, this character jumps really high, so if you've already beaten a level, you can replay it and find hidden stuff with Art.

You'll get a new playable character if you clear the game, who will it be?
This unlockable character is only available for Nintendo Switch

Mark from Pad of Time

Exclusive features for Nintendo Wii U

Pad of Time was meant to be on the Wii U since the beginning of the development.
Apart from the main N64 look, the Wii U version can be played entirely with a Gameboy look directly on
the Wii U Gamepad.

Exclusive features for Nintendo Switch

Pad of Time for Nintendo Switch has the version 1.0.4 which contains these features:

Mark from Pad of Time
  • Joy-con Drift proof feature! the game will allow you to disable the analogs and let you control it only with the D-PAD

  • New playable character, it's unlockable so you will need to beat the game with one character.

  • Story sequences, every character has his own introduction, good ending and bad ending.

  • Collectable Treasures, you need to collect all the treasures to get a good ending

  • More options, change sfx or music volume, read the credits before beating the game

  • Alejandro's updated tracks, Music is improved on some tracks by Sonucais

  • Bosses Fights fixes, some issues were fixed and balanced

  • ?????, You will need to unlock it to know what this feature is!

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